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Our Vision

One Community on the Move for Jesus' Vision

The vision of both the Korean-speaking and English-speaking sides of PCBC is to conform ourselves unto Jesus Christ in all that we do. That means glorifying Him and discerning His vision for our lives. We aim to live according to His will while deepening our fellowship with one another. PCBC EM strongly emphasizes the importance of friendships with persons, divine and human. We affirm that Christian holiness is not an individual affair, but a shared life together.

Our Beliefs

We are a Presbyterian church rooted deeply in the the Reformed tradition. Central to this tradition are commitments that uphold God's sovereignty over all creation, the binding authority of Scripture, and the atoning death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Our theological commitments are most succinctly captured in the Westminster Shorter Catechism.

Bible Lessons
Our Pastor

We are currently looking for a new EM pastor! Please contact the...

Our Compassion Child

We have been sponsoring Pamela for 8 years already and saw how...

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Tithing is a spiritual practice given to us in Scripture. It is an act...

Time and Location

Come visit us for service in the main sanctuary at 1:30PM at...

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